Saturday, September 30, 2006

Road Trip Part 1

If you're looking for part 2 I actually posted it first because of the order I got the filmed developed.

I didn't start taking pictures until I got past central New Brunswick. I didn't think to take any at the time because Southern NB is more familiar to me. I decided to make a quick stop in Hartland and drive through the longest covered bridge in the world.

Here's a view from the side.

Some typical New Brunswick scenery.

I had heard of Daigle through other blogs and his status as a professional bottom. I'm even considering trying some of his advice. I had no idea that he had his own place though. Must make hosting tricks much more convenient.

There were even sign on the highway. When I saw them I just had to make a quick stop for some pictures.

A few more hours of driving and I reached the Lafontaine Tunnel to Montreal. The city is on an Island.

Traffic was flowing on the autoroute Decarie.

After Montreal it's not much further to my granparents' place just inside Ontario.

I stopped at my grandparents for the night and hit the road again the next morning. Once I left their place everything was a first for me. Up to this point, Toronto was the furthest west I'd been. If you've been following my blog then you've already seen the pictures from the second half of my journey.

I'm in Calgary now and liking it so far. Friday I had a second interview with the firm I had interviewed with earlier in the week and I should find out sometime next week if I get the job. Today I went to Banff with my uncle, his two daughters, and my two cousins that live on the north side of the city. I've never seen the mountains in person before so that was neat. Jeff emailed me about doing something tomorrow and possibly meeting some of the clan but he hasn't emailed me back with any details yet so we'll see what happens.


Blogger Jeff said...

I like that covered bridge! I want to go across it someday.

10/2/06, 8:07 AM  

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