Thursday, September 14, 2006


So I'm driving along somewhere between Dryden, ON and Regina SK flipping through radio station. I stopped on one and the DJ was talking about tonight's episode of CSI NY. A couple was having bungee sex off the Brooklyn bridge. WHAT!?! Am I the only guy that just instinctively crossed his legs and reached down to make sure everything was ok? Now I am by no means overly experienced in the sex department and I know that some like it more aggressive than others but if you have your member firmly ensconced in your partner and they were to suddenly be jarred in an inopportune direction with an exceeding amount of force could that not pose serious risk to your precious assets? Does sex really get so boring after a while that you need to put your equipment in harms way? You may call me a prude but I would prefer not to find out first hand whether a penis is just as effective post reconstructive surgery as the origional.


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