Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Not much to report...

...just more of the same. Dad's back in Europe. He did find out while he was home that there is a position for him in the local office with his company when his contract finishes. Life is pretty much back to normal now that all the travel arrangements for my brother's wedding are over and my sister and her husband are getting used to having two kids around.
So now Mom has time to focus on helping me with my job search. Unfortunatly in my current financial situation I need their help to move. I want to move away for several reasons. One, to just get away from everything I've grown up with and become me and also for economic reasons. There just aren't that many entry level accounting positions in the maritimes. For me it's kind of a good thing that there aren't many jobs around here because it gives me an excuse to move. If I was just moving to get away from my parents and church then I don't think my parents would be willing to help out with the money. At first I was looking at Toronto. It's the financial capital of Canada so I should be able to find some sort of job. It also has a large gay community. Large enough that I should be able to find a niche that I fit into somewhere and given the numbers surely there would be at least one guy that I would be compatible with. My mother however was trying to sell me on Calgary. I wasn't to keen on Calgary because it's farther away from home. I'll have to fly home for Christmas as opposed to driving. I figured the job situation would be about the same as Toronto so why go farther away than I needed to. Another factor was I'm not sure what the situation is with the gay population. I would like to eventually meet someone for a longterm and possibly lifelong relationship (I know I know I'm young and naive) so I'd like to go somwhere where the odds of that happening are at least decent.
It's looking like Calgary is going to be the winner. After doing some reasearch on "certain" websites, I've decided that Clagary does have an adequate number of guys with potential after all. The job market also appears to be better than Toronto's. According to my cousin who is a nurse there, if you don't have a job within a week then you're just plain lazy. The skeptical side of me is suspicious that this is just in labour jobs but I'm hoping it's true for accounting jobs as well. I don't want to jinx it or anything but I'm hoping that within about a month I'll be packing my things and heading west. Wish me luck.


Blogger Jeff said...

Well I reside in Calgary. I will say the gay scene, it's different. We only have one gay bar. Sucks as there is alway a lineup outside. HOWEVER the thing about calgary gays is we have lots of house parties or apartment parties. There are dances to go to and so on and so forth. Yes the job market is good here, but it's also just as expensive to live here as it is in Toronto. We are close to the mountains (45 minute drive) and that is cool. Plus close to the Montana border. Not much for winter, it's usually pretty dry and brown until about February, then we get some snow. Lots of chinooks. Finding a place to rent is a bit of a tough one. But there are the places, you just have to look. Most of the gay community resides in the beltline. Unless you're like me and live in the suburbs, but I drive so it's ok. Anyway just some things to think about. And yes they are looking for financial people out here like crazy. And if you can get into and Oil and Gas company you're set!

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