Thursday, August 03, 2006

Slight change in plans

I told you I was naive. This is my first time flying by air. I boarded my flight in Saint John this morning. Everything was great. I arrive in Montreal and things aren't so great. My flight to Toronto is delayed an hour. Ok well I was supposed to have about 2 hours to switch terminals and go through customs in Toronto so now I'll only have an hour. That should be enough time right? Maybe it was. I'll never know because we got delayed again after we were on the runway. Something about thunder storms yadda yadda yadda... When we arrived, the flight attendants told me there was a good chance my next flight would also be delayed because of the weather so I raced through the airport (it works in the movies) to the shuttle to the next terminal. That was a waste of effort. I get on the shuttle 2nd and while I'm catching my breath all the people that decided to walk proceed to get on the bus. Grrrr. Don't you people know I have a plane to catch?! At least the luggage handling was efficient. My suitcase was already there for me to pick up and go through customs. I never made it to customs though. I showed my boarding pass to one of the lovely ladies and she said "Oh, that flight already left. You'll have to go way down to the end of this very long corridor and you'll find the Air Canada reservaton phones. Next!" Ahh Crrrap! So now I'm sitting in the Park Plaza Hotel waiting for the next flight to Indianapolis in the morning. Fun times!


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