Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I'm leavin' on a jet plane...

I'm in the middle of packing. I leave tomorrow around lunch time for Lafayette, Indianna. Mom called today and said it was really hot there. Yea! I get to stand in a church in a three peice suit on Saturday! So tomorrow I lose my flying virginity. Should be interesting. I need to remeber to pick up a GQ or something for the flight. I think I saw Justin Timberlake on the cover in the grocery store.

I'm taking my laptop with me but I might not be able to post or check email till next week so I leave you something to think about. No it's not eye candy. I can't compete with Donnie so I won't even try. Instead I found these interesting takes on those posters they use to decorate offices at Here's a couple of my favourites.

I really hope I don't end up at McDonald's the rest of my life.

Sometimes it's good to not be noticed.

The burdens I must bear.

In case I can't get online while I'm away have a great weekend everybody and happy New Brunswick day on Monday.


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