Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Odds and Ends

Not even a week yet and I'm already doing an odds and ends post. This can't be good. If I can just make it to 21 days. Apparently that's the magic number for forming a habit. So far I'm doing better at blogging than I've done at exercising. I exercise about once a month if that and it consists of about half a pilates routine. I guess I'll have to get more serious about it once my metabolism slows down a bit more. I just don't get the rush that some people talk about from exercising. I find it boring.

So as I mentioned earlier I'm baching it this week. I was getting tired of bbq'd sausages so I decided to switch it up tonight. I ended up doing spaghetti. That might sound more impressive than mac and cheese but it's not. It's actually easier. You still have to cook the pasta but instead of the butter/milk/cheese powder mess you just open a jar of pasta sauce and voila. Of course if Mom was here she would have made her own sauce from scratch. (Now that I think of it there's probably some in the freezer. Darn, too late now.)

Just before I go I wanted to complain about yahoo. I have yahoo.ca set as my home page. I'm used to glancing at certain places to see the current headlines or entertainment news. Well today they go and revamp the whole site (It might have been just the Canadian site but I'm not sure). It's bad enough that I now have to get used to looking in different sections but it also looks ugly. The icons are all boxy like an early edition of windows or something. I don't want to look at that every time I go online. Maybe it's just me but if you are going to revamp a site shouldn't you have everything ready to go before you go live? Half of the links weren't working. Of course this is just my business training talking (You know, the part about not ticking off the customer) maybe they do it differently in the techy world. I'll give it a day or two but I may be shopping around for a new home page.


Blogger Craig said...

Jar sauces are ok but if you use them as a base and add to it they can become amazing. I like to add chicken and some diced bacon that I've cooked abit to get slightly crispy and then whatever veggitables I've got laying around. It's only boring if you want it to be ;-) Thanks for linking to me btw.

8/2/06, 1:53 AM  

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