Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm an Uncle!!! (agian)

Mom woke me up at 5:00 this morning to say that my sister was in labour so I drove into town to stay with my 19 month old nephew while his mom and dad headed to the hospital around 6:00. So I spent the morning learning about signs from Blue's Clues and my nephew said "backpack" as clear as day when he saw Dora's backpack (yum yum yum deliciosa). It's kind of funny because I get Mamoo and his toys are all either aball or ahda. Mom called around 10:30 to say it was all over. My 2nd nephew was born around 9:30 after less than ten minutes of pushing. My sister did it so fast the epidural didn't even have time to kick in. She's a trouper though. Maybe it's the combination of our tough Irish blood from my Dad's side and our stoic mennonite background from my Mom's side.


Blogger Donnie said...

Well congratulations Uncle Matty!

7/29/06, 5:39 PM  

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