Friday, July 28, 2006

Hollywood Conspiracies

I was going to post about something political but I think I need to do more research first so that I at least sound somewhat intelligent and not just another windbag.

So instead of a windbag I’ll be an airhead for a minute. I know teen flicks are supposed to be lame but I usually like them. It’s nice to dream about an ideal world where everyone’s attractive, drives a sports car that their parents bought for them, and everyone learns a valuable life lesson and makes up with everybody by the end. As long as you go in with the understanding that it’s not supposed to be realistic you can just sit back and enjoy the eye candy. There’s usually something for everybody so if you happen to be with people who may not be aware of your particular preferences they can just assume that your drooling because of the leading man’s female counter parts and everyone goes home happy. You can also usually add to your collection of witty sayings or corny jokes. Carbon and Oxygen walk into a pub and they see gold standing at the bar and they yell “eh you, get out a here”. It’s funny cause Au is the chemical symbol for gold…..

Umm yeah. So N E ways….. moving on...

So my friend "A" and I went to see John Tucker Must Die tonight (hence the topic for this post and the pics). The title character, John Tucker, is played by the very hot Jesse Metcalfe. He just has this je ne sais quoi about him. That smile, those eyes. Yummy. Of course everyone expects the main character to be attractive. I think Hollywood must be trying to depress everybody though because John Tucker’s younger brother is supposed to be less attractive and not as popular and they go and cast somebody like Penn Badgley. If he’s not hot then I guess that would make me pimple puss or something. Is it just me or is the not-so-hot guy just as hot as the hot guy? It’s a toss up for me. Do I have to choose?


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