Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Honey, I'm home

Well I survived Indiana. I think I ate too many grapes though based on the frequency of my visits to the little boy’s room today. I also remembered why I don’t like traveling with my Dad. Dad’s been working over seas for the last couple of years so we only see him at Christmas and a couple weeks in the summer. I ended up traveling home with my parents and they definitely do not have the same communication styles. At first I was somewhat sympathetic with Dad because Mom likes to be in control so she had researched our routes ahead of time. (I’m very much like my Mom so I know what she’s like. It’s not that we always have to be actively in control as long as we’re sure that the person that is in control knows what they’re doing. If not then we tend to take over.) Because of this Dad is happy to just let Mom do the navigating. The problem is instead of giving the next set of directions Mom waits until we’re right on top of our exit before saying take a right. Needless to say Dad was getting a little frustrated. Once we got Mom to start giving us Route #’s and street names ahead of time then it was time to start getting mad at Dad. It seemed like he had turned off his intelligence. I mean he’s traveled around the world on his own so one would think he could read signs. If you were to see a sign saying to go right to get to O’Hare Airport along with the route number that your wife had just given you, would you still get mad at her for not telling you whether to go left or right? And then he gets mad at Mom and me for getting mad at him for getting mad at us because we assumed that he could read the signs. I think you’re beginning to see my dilemma. Ugh! I was praying that my seat wasn’t next to theirs on the flight. I did manage to make it home in one piece and didn’t have any problems like on the way to Lafayette. I am still thinking half in French though. All of Air Canada’s announcements are in English and French and when you took French Immersion through Junior High and High School this tends to cause your inner dialogue to go back to bilingual.


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