Friday, August 11, 2006


Well I still haven’t received my “gay” card that everyone keeps talking about. Maybe I’m still on probation. I hope not because that means I might have to pretend to like this person’s performance (he was on America's got Talent).

I’m sorry but I just don’t think any amount of time in the village, strawberry daiquiris, or Golden Girls reruns will bring me to a point where I find this entertaining. Maybe entertaining in the laugh at you kind of way but I never feel comfortable laughing at people. I can’t watch American/Canadian Idol during the audition stage because I just feel too embarrassed for them. I know for a lot of people this is the best part but I just can’t put myself through that kind of torture. I have noticed that all these talent type shows tend to have a snarly judge that everyone loves to despise. (That’s a reference to the Veggie Tales Christmas special. I know you like them too so don't try to deny it.)

Anyways... I better go check the mail to see if my card came yet.


Blogger Darin said...

Matty -

I'm really enjoying seeing you "evolve" in to a blogger!!!! This is exciting stuff!

Keep it up!

8/12/06, 8:07 PM  

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