Tuesday, August 15, 2006

All hands on deck

My brother's fiance and her parents came for supper tonight. So in typical Mom fashion it was all hands on deck. Vacuum here. Sweep there. Take this pile to the basement. Put the laundry away. You get the idea. With my luck it's genetic so when I move out I'll have to have people over to force myself to clean the place. Supper was good. We had potatoes, beans, carrots, beats, and corn all from our garden and roast beef from the store. I managed to get the stains off my hands from pealing and slicing the beats. It reminded me of Macbeth.

Aside: Apparently Lady Macbeth says "Out, damn spot! Out, I say!" and not "Out out damn spot!" I always get mixed up between Hamlet and Macbeth so I googled the phrase "out out damn spot" (because that's what I and apparently many others thought it was) to see which play it was from. The third result was for one of Towleroad’s posts. I don't think I've read his blog before but I have seen his name in the comments sections of other blogs. I might check him out now after this episode of chance.

Anyhoo, for dessert we had blueberry shortcake. It wasn't a good year for strawberries and Mom had a bunch of blueberries so voila, blueberry shortcake. My future sister-in-law also brought a caremal almond cheese cake. Ugh! I was stuffed. I definitely need to modify some of my eating habits because one of these days my metabolism is going to decide it's had enough and dicide to retire.


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