Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm learning

This young Padawan is learning. I was killin' some time online and I eventually found myself at outzonetv.com (something to do with Ashton Kutcher in his modeling days). I started watching a few of the clips and one was for Kathy Griffin (once you get their video player up you can click on the comedy tab). The clip of highlights from her season 2 of D-list is funny. I was busting a gut at her parents talking about her going to Iraq to perform for the troops.

KG: So if I get kidnapped how much will you pay for ransom?
KG's Mom: (in a reluctant tone) weeeellll
KG's Dad: How about the condo?
KG: Your going to offer a terrorist a condo in West Hollywood as ransom?
KG's Dad: Well they'll most likely kill you anyways.

I was also a little shocked at the military guy's attitude on the phone. Kathy was warning them that she usually opened her routine with "Where are all my gays at?" but that she probably wouldn't in Iraq. His response was "If they're smart they wouldn't answer and if thy're stupid they deserve to get caught" WHAT? I know, I know, the US military has this whole don't ask don't tell thing but I guess I just don't get where the animosity comes from. Everyone's first excuse is that it's morally wrong. I have several problems with this argument.

1. Do you even go to church? If I had the energy I'd look up the stats on how many people regularily attend church. Whatever the percentages are I'm guessing that the percentage of homophobes that don't even go to church would mirror that of the general population. So you obviously aren't that concerned with morals because you only go to church at Christmas and Easter but they're suddenly an issue when it comes to someone else's sexuality?

2. I'm all for freedom of religion but I don't buy this whole anything goes concept. If you believe that any religion can lead you to salvation then you don't really believe the teachings of your religion. By freedom of religion I mean that you a free to believe what you want and I'm free to believe that you're wrong. But this doesn't mean that we can't be civil to each other. The only example of Jesus being politically active is when he threw the money changers out of the temple. If I show up at your place of worship and start bumping and grinding with my honey feel free to shout angry epitaphs at me but don't you dare go around picketing veterans funerals. Try going home and re-reading your Bible instead. I can accept if you truly are a person of faith and feel that homosexuality is a sin but that doesn't mean we can't be civil and work side by side in the workplace. You do it all the time with people that are straight but divorced or living common-law.

3. Why don't you just admit it. It's more about you being turned off by the thought of two men getting it on. I'm sure for very straight men that thought has the same affect as the thought of doing it with their grandmother. Stop pretending that it bothers you much because it's a sin. Pride is a sin too but you don't see protesters following you around you stuck up arrogant ass.

I guess I just don't get where the hate comes from. Like I said at the beginning, I'm learning but I have a long way to go.


Blogger Reid Dalgleish said...

Great observations, Matt. It's so true. People veil their true intentions under the guise of religious, or political, or whatever dogma.

10/5/06, 9:31 AM  

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