Monday, September 18, 2006

Oh yeah, I made it here safe.

I suppose I should probably let you know that I arrived in Calgary safe and sound. I arrived Friday around supper time. The last day of driving wasn't much fun. It rained most of the day, sometimes quite heavy. There was some lightning in the morning and even a small patch of hail. I didn't see any snow but when I got into Calgary I did see some on the bumper of a minivan and apparently the north side of the city got some.
I'm settling in quite well and my Aunt and Uncle are making me feel right at home. I've already been to the mall to get a new cell phone, gone to a soccer game and my cousin's first diving lesson at the Talisman Centre. Tonight my Uncle's company was having a fancy dinner at the Petroleum Club for their grand opening so I'm babysitting. We played a couple of games (Disney's Scene It and Cranium Conga) and the girls got to bed on time so now I'm just enjoying some quiet time until my Aunt and Uncle get home. I do need to get some resumes sent out so I think I'll work on that next. I might be ready to hit the town later in the week.


Blogger Jeff said...

OH the Petroleum club is NICE! I've eaten there a few times, the lobster bisque is to die for! Very male looking place, dark wood, big bulky chairs, cigar smoke. Boys club.

Anyway glad you're here safe.

9/18/06, 11:30 PM  

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