Thursday, October 05, 2006

Entering Society

So I met Jeff for coffee this afternoon before I had an interview in the neighboring office tower. Doug joined us as well (You may have met him if you were in SF for Pride). He had a job posting for me from his company and Jeff had one for him (Jeff's trying to supplement his income by collecting referral bonuses). As a result of meeting Doug, I now have to come up with a Halloween costume so I decided to see what google could come up with. Here's a sampling of what I found.

  • Well Hung - This is obviously for the man who has a large ego and hates to dress up. Wear normal clothing and hang a noose around your neck.
  • Freudian Slip - Wear a slip, preferably black, with a sign around your neck that says "Freud."
  • Pink Floyd - Wear pink clothes. Add a name tag that says "Floyd."
  • Hat Rack - Wear a hat on your head and say you're a hat rack.
  • Sugar Daddy - Attach candy all over yourself.
  • First Class Male - Buy some stamps and paste them on your face or glue some onto an old shirt.
  • Nudist on Strike - Dress in normal clothes and carry a sign that says "Nudist on Strike."

This one wouldn't be hard. I have a t-shirt about schizophrenia and I could pick up some name tags.

  • Identity Crisis / Multiple Personality - Put "Hello my name is..." tags with random names all over your body.

I think I'm leaning towards one of these two.

  • Mastercard Ad - Wear whatever clothing you choose. Attach a sign to your back that says "Shirt: $30...Jeans: $50...Shoes: $70......Halloween costume that took minimal effort: Priceless.
  • Got Milk? - Wear a sign that says "Got Milk?". Paint a milk mustache over your lip with make-up or other non-toxic white substance.

In other news, it appears like there may be a considerable contingent of Canadians making the trek to San Francisco for Pride next summer. Now you know so you can't say you weren't warned.


Blogger Jeff said...

I like the sugar daddy one. Tonight we'll probably be meeting at the Backlot for drinks first off, then heading to Twisted. I'll call you to give you directions if you don't know where the Backlot is.

I don't think you have to warn anybody. It's quite apparent from my obvious behaviour and love of oxygen tubes what Canadians are like.

10/6/06, 7:18 AM  

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