Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Alphabet According to Me

I got this from my friend A. I know they make their way around the web every now and then but it's kind of a fun way to share some stuff about yourself.

A-available or single? – available - I think I'm ready.
B-best friend - from back home - AEBB, here - Jeff
C-cake or pie? – hmm? How about one of each? ok ok cake if it's a birthday, pie for thanksgiving and christmas.
D-drink of choice? - orange juice for breakfast, water or Frutopia Tangerine Wavelength juice for other meals, cocktail - cosmopolitan
E-essential item I use everyday? – well toothbrush is a given (I hope) after that probably my laptop to stay in touch with the world.
F-favorite color? - Blue and it's complimentary colour orange
G-gummy bears or gummy worms? – hmm? another tough one. Many of my choices for food and entertainment are influenced by my mood at the time.
H-hometown- Nauwigewauk, NB although I don't think it even qualifies as a village.
I-indulgence – neck ties, and others that are common to all men.
J-January or February? – January– still high from Christmas time and the relief from the slowed down pace. By the time February comes I'm so over winter but we still have to endure at the very least another month of it but most likely two.
K-kids and names? I don't have any (yet) but I like the names Owen and Emma
L-life is incomplete without? – human contact
M-marriage date? – not yet but someday (maybe)
N-number of siblings? – 4, 3 brothers 1 sister (I'm the middle child)
O-oranges or apples? - Oranges
P-phobias or fears – heights, snakes and walking alone in the woods after dark.
Q-favorite quote? – "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well." This quote is laid in the stone of the plaza by Eau Claire market and I walk over it every day on my way to work.
R-reasons to smile? – An unexpected email or phone call from a friend
S-season? - Summer
T-tag 3 or 4 people – If you want to, do. If you don't, don't.
U-unknown fact about me? – Wouldn't you like to know!
V-vegetable you don't like? – brussle sprouts
W-worst habit? – Where do I begin? Indecissiveness, procrastination, overly analytical...
Y-your favorite food? – How can you ask me to pick just one? Turkey dinner, lasagna, ruffles with french onion dip, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream....
Z-zodiac? - According to my date of birth, I am an Aries. I don't think I fit the typical description of an Aries though. I think my meyers-briggs description, ISTP, is more accurate.


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