Sunday, December 10, 2006

Yay Internet!

I have rejoined society. If you've been considering monkhood, I don't recommend it. Conversations with one's self tend to loose their appeal after about a week of solitude. On the other hand, not having internet or a TV does give you time to practise handstands in your living room.
As you can see I have acquired access to the internet. I didn't feel like posting from work but I did peak in on those of you who maintain relatively work safe blogs so I haven't been gone completely. I stopped at the postal outlet at the mall across the street on my way home from the Skybar Christmas bash to pick up my starter kit from my internet service provider. I have managed to get it set up and going (obviously) but I can't seem to get my wireless router to work so no blog reading on the can for now I guess.
Skybar's Christmas bash went off without a hitch (nothing broken that I'm aware of). This was my first so I have nothing to compare it too but it seemed like everyone had a good time and the food was fabulous. There was plenty of Christmas cheer being had by all (except for a few designated drivers), prayers were said, and even some carols were sung around the piano. Skybar managed to leave the vacuum cleaner away until after the guests had left but I'm told that the floors have been scrubbed, the dishes all done, and the bedding changed. I guess we'll just have to have another party. We wouldn't want a clean house to go to waste.
Well I must be getting to bed now. I can't be groggy at work. We're starting into year end deadlines for clients and the office is closed Christmas week so I have files to clear off my desk. Part of me can't believe that I've been there a month already and another part of me feels like it's been longer.


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