Thursday, November 02, 2006

I dob wabba geb oudda beb

I think I might have to crawl out of my cave tomorrow and go in search of some drugs. I am currently suffering from a severe case of post nasal drip. Usually when I have a cold I get the typical sore throat, stuffed nose, and cough. This time though my nose isn't congested. Quite the opposite. It won't stop running. As a result I have a sore throat (due to the post nasal drip) and the inside of my nose feels like it is on fire. I've started stuffing wads of tissue up my nostrils to prevent the cold air from irritating them even more. Also, instead of the cough I've been have huge sneezing fits. Ok immune system, do your thing. I'm trying to drink lots of water and take my vitamins so that my body has everything it needs to recover. It had better be gone by the time I have to start work on Monday.
While lying here convalescing, I decided to google some of my family's names. The results were quite amusing. Someone with the same name as my mother before she was married wrote a book on hat making (millinery). One of my brothers shares the same name as a gay activist researching harassment and violence against gays. The last one was the most shocking. We all thought that my Dad was working overseas for the last several years but it appears he is actually a gay porn star. Not really. I don't care how much airbrushing you do. It wasn't him.
Well here it is only twenty to eight on a Thursday night and I don't know what to do. I know all the big shows are on tonight but my eyes are bugging me because of the sinuses so I don't feel like watching TV. It's too early to call it a night. I should try to hold out for at least another hour. I don't even feel like looking at porn (I told you I was sick). I guess I could always read some of your blogs. So hurry up and post stuff so you can entertain me during my time of illness.


Blogger Jeff said...

Well that is just gross. What are you......straight?

See, here in the west we cure colds or any other ailment with booze. Lots and lots of booze. And prayers too. You'll be so sick that you'll forget about your nose being a tap.

11/3/06, 7:32 AM  
Blogger Matty said...

I fail to see what my sexuallity has to do with my body's mucus producing capabilities. I'm actually feeling much better today. My body's a machine.

11/3/06, 11:20 AM  
Blogger Reid Dalgleish said...

The dry weather tends to cause more nosebleeds than congestion too.

You feeling better yet?
Woub you pleab bost something? How'b the job going?

11/7/06, 11:15 PM  

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