Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Holy Crap!

Of all the nights to work late! If I had of left on time I could have had a lovely sunny walk home. Instead I decided to put in a few extra hours so I don't have to come in this weekend. Sometime between normal quitting time and when I decided to head home the heavens opened wide. I almost looked around to see if I could see an ark anywhere.
The walk home wasn't too bad starting out but by the time I was halfway through prince's island park, things were starting to get a little soggy. When I got closer to home some of the roads were flooded. My car was fine but some of my neighbors might not be so lucky. I couldn't tell for sure but it looked like the water was up over the door sills on some of the cars. I figured it was just a bit of water and I got a little wet. No big deal. That was until I watched the news. Apparently city officials are on the verge of declaring an unofficial emergency (what's an unofficial emergency). There's flooding everywhere. Parts of the freeway are even shut down. And the lightning that I wasn't overly worried about being struck by? At least two houses were hit. One was up in flames. Looking back on the situation, I probably should have called a cab.


Blogger RD said...

There are big swaths of McHugh Bluff above your house that are getting swept down the hillside by the volume of water. If you walk the path along the bottom of the hill, there are already big piles of mud that have hit bottom. If I were you, I wouldn't only be watching the level of water on the streets, but also watching above you to make sure the hill isn't falling on top of you! Yipe!

6/6/07, 4:08 PM  

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