Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nothing much to report

The end of April came and went and nothing happened. It was suppose to be the end of long hours and working weekends but an increased work load compared to last year and no extra staff means that I'm still working like a dog.

Inspite of that I'm still finding time to have a bit of fun on the weekends. I met up with the guys Friday night for the Fairytales film fest. The movie was "Outing Riley". In a nutshell it was about a guy coming out to his siblings after his parents have passed away and how they react. He had two older brothers, a younger brother, and a younger sister. Somehow that seems vaguely familiar. Saturday we finally made it to an ARGRA dance. We've planned on going before but always seemed to end up staying in or heading to the club. As Jeff mentioned we're not so hot on Twisted at the moment so we actually made it to the dance this time. When we first got there we weren't sure what we had gotten ourselves into. Being a gay rodeo dance they were playing country music but after a couple songs they started playing more dance music. Seeing two guys two stepping around the floor was kind of neat but I probably won't run out and start taking lessons. We were all relieved to learn they still had a buffet. We had heard rumors that they didn't anymore. I really enjoyed the dance. The atmosphere was more relaxed than the club and sometimes it's fun to just have a night out with your friends without assessing every guy that walks by on his potential.
Hopefully work will slow down soon so I can try some of this work/life balance thing that so many people talk about these days. At least the trip to SF is cooming up soon so I'll have a break then. I'm also heading home in July for my brother's wedding although I might get recruited to help wih preparations but it will still be a break from taxes.


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